Chisco Valdés (b.Guatemala City, Guatemala 1993) visual artist based in Santander, Spain.

I'm interested in issues that revolve around my Latino identity. Often but not only: social contrasts, imposed religion, and faulty bureaucracy. I have a strange love-hate relationship with my home-country-Guatemala, and so I left to find some answers. I was always attracted to North American culture, especially movies and pop-punk-skate. That motivated me to play with both still and moving images to deepen these concerns.

At first, I started experimenting with mise-en-scène to arise images that make me connect with the topics that bothered me. It wasn't enough, so I moved to document those contradictions and subjects that surprised me, but I was afraid to get too close. And I felt that I have to suffer it in my flesh to understand it better. So, my latest exercises attempt to go as close as possible, creating conditions that allow me to experiment with all my mind and senses.